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My name is Allie


hat is this all about? Well, a variety of things. When searching through my Feedly, I found that most blogs focus on niches — business, design, fashion. However, there were few that broadened their topics.  With my interests in journalism, marketing, singing, writing, and travel, I want to offer something different: a blog for all these interests, and a space for 20-somethings to gain inspiration for their big dreams on a small budget.

I’m first and foremost a creative journalist, so I’ll write about things to do and places to explore in both long-form articles and short briefs. I’m also a marketer, so I’ll help you with your business aspirations by offering  blogging ideas, conversion rate optimization tips, and WordPress secrets. I’ll also review top TV shows and movies, because writing about entertainment has always been a passion of mine, and I may even fit in some a cappella musings and writing prompts.

Most importantly, I want this blog to be a space where readers can join a friendly community of 20-somethings who have big dreams and small budgets. Want to grow your business, but can’t invest the money? Want to explore more, but can’t pay the travel expenses? Me too! I  encourage everyone to comment, contact me, and submit any ideas for the blog directly to my inbox. In the next few months, I’ll be trying a lot of new things, so please let me know what works and what doesn’t!

Do you have big dreams but a small budget?

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